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Debugged Pro is a leading web design and development company in India, Your website says it all for your business. There are more than 1.6 billion websites active to this point, and every day more and more websites are going live. This pushes you to the obligation of having a spotless web design that attracts more and more traffic for your business and makes you stand out. Just remember that users these days are offered great quality content and design. So, if you’re not good enough for them, they will simply abandon you. You can start by delivering quality UI/UX design with the help of Debugged Pro, a recognized UX design company or you can say it is the best web design and development company in this world.


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Why Web Designing Services matters?

User interface (UI), user experience (UX), and responsiveness of your web design need to be top-notch in order to make your leads stay and convert. So, from the time that your user enters your website, till the time that they finish their transaction or action, they need to be hooked to the design. One obstacle and they will just bounce. Debugged Pro makes sure that your website is interesting, smooth, and technically sound. We make it good enough to lure your audience to visit the website, keep them hooked, and make it easy for them to finish an action. As an experienced UX design company, we pay close attention to the UI/UX design of the website and make it responsive for the comfort of every user. 

A renowned UX design company, Debugged Pro can make your business website stand out from a million others with their web design & development.

A great design is at the heart of any website. Our exceptional web designers at Debugged Pro know how to put your business on the map, crafting a digital experience that will excite and inspire your audience, encouraging them to spend time within your website. Debugged Pro's website design team is highly experienced and specializes in creating database-driven, mobile-optimized, responsive websites using the latest technologies including HTML, CSS, UI/UX, Javascript, DHTML, Motion UI, Bootstrap, etc.

We focus on presenting digital beauty inside and out, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a website to ensure our client’s business is always at the forefront of the marketplace. We are confident that our websites will not only increase user engagement but also improve income streams. Our team of expert web designers and developers takes pride in their web design and development services.

We start off our web design & development process by designing the layout of each web page first. This gives us and the clients an idea about how the pages will look once they are designed and then we start working on the development part.


Our Development process

Our comprehensive logo design strategy ensures a perfectly crafted logo for your business.

1our first step process

Design Brief

The first step in the creative portion of the logo design process is called the design brief. This is when the designer discusses the project at length with the client. Understanding the company’s goals for the logo is critical.The designer should gather as much information from the client as possible. It is important to learn where the logo will be used, on what scale and in what capacity.

2our second step process


Once a sufficient amount of general information has been gathered, the designer must delve deeper into the Prototype stage. In Prototype stage, you can experiment with logo colors as well as typography.Once you have a solid draft,then go the extra mile to create a presentation to showcase our logo

3our third step process


Once a prototype stage is done then our tester check the logo design according to client requirements. If client satisfy which you have developed then go deliver process

4our four step process


After the final decision was made, it’s time to work on the deliverables.You should determine what design files your client needs at the start of the process (in case they have any special requirements). But in general, it is best to include:

  • Layered source vector files, such as AI
  • Layered EPS/PDF files (for clients using different vector programs)
  • High resolution raster files for web, including PNGs with transparent backgrounds
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