We imbibe the principle of sustainability.


About NoAsterix -

We started NoAsterix to solve a big, silly, and time-consuming problem – the problem of choice. Spending time on what to wear every morning just didn’t seem the most efficient of my time. 

Online searches only expanded the problem with infinite options for even the most basic items. Moreover, it was a struggle to find premium quality in the ongoing fast-fashion scenario. And those which were indeed available came at a cost. We couldn’t find a solution so we created one.

 A brand which delivers quality, sustainable and timeless classics at fair pricing.”

At NoAsterix, we strive to make the first choice of your day simpler. Selecting everyday clothes shouldn’t take too much of your time. With the vision to solve this problem, we bring to you a wardrobe of the finest of basics without the hassle.

Experience uncompromised quality with our meticulously sourced fabrics delivered right at your doorstep. Be assured to get the best price with our completely transparent brand policy – we follow a practice of upfront pricing so that you get exactly what you are paying for.

In fact, we have gone a step further to enhance your shopping experience with our Basics Box - in under five minutes, you can now buy all your essential clothing in one go. Our box which contains over twelve items aims at saving you precious time.