Fulfillment API Panel

Brands banned is store integration works by connecting to your shopping cart at scheduled intervals


Fulfilling New Orders

Each time we connect to Brands Banned online store to retrieve new orders we are requesting only orders that match a certain status ID number. Orders matching your chosen status ID are retrieved by our integration module which attempts to inject each order into your Fulfillment Control Panel account for processing.

Retrieved Order Status

We can update your Brands Banned online store orders to reflect a new status when they are successfully received by your Fulfillment Control Panel account.

Warehouse Filter

If you have dropshipped items and/or have more than one warehouse configured in Brands Banned online store you can set a specific warehouse ID which will cause the integration to skip any orders or items which do not match that ID.

Tracking Updates to Brands Banned online store

At the end of each day, our integration module will send tracking numbers back to the Brands Banned online store, for orders shipped that day, and update each order to the “shipped” status of your choice.

Inventory Syncing & Product Status

Our integration module can update the stock counts of your Brands Banned online store products with the available warehouse quantity. Optionally, we can update the product status to reflect an “in stock” or “backorder” status of your choice.